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Line of Business

I.Transmission and Distribution

1. MV, LV Transmission and Distribution Line Materials and Equipments.

2. String tools for MV overhead conductors

3. Earthing Equipmentsfor overhead lines systems

4. Tools and Equipments for overhead lines installation

II.MV, LV Cables

5. MV, LV Cable Termination & Joint Kit and Cable Accessories

6. String Tools for underground cables

7. Sub-station and Industrial Fittings

8. Test and Measuring Equipments

9. Safety Equipment

III.Covered Conductors-Spacer Cables Systems

10. MV, LV Insulated cables and fitting accessories

IV.Lightning Protection and Earthing System

11. Grounding Fittings, accessories

V.Solar Panel & System

VI.Manufacturing, Installation and Service

12. MS, GI, EGI, Cables Trays, Trunking& Ladder

13. MS, GI Transmission and Distribution hardware ( cross arms and others accessories)

14. MV, LV overhead line installation

15. Sub-station Installation

16. Cable Laying

17. Industrial Service18.Earthing System Installation Services