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The history of our company began in 2002.A workshop which strives to provide top quality products of U-Channels and other metallic accessories to be used in Electrical power transmissions. A Gantry workshop with high end solutions to meet IEC and BS standards of customers’ demand.

Just as Solar rays is a life-giving light, heat and energy to living things on earth, we wanted to provide light and energy for people and hence the name “Solar Rays” came to be.We were formerly known as solar Rays Electrical Trading.Myanmar Solar Rays Co.Ltd is a privately-owned company founded by Mr.Win Myint Thein and Mrs.Khin Mrat Hlaing.

We are main suppliers to government projects, industrial zone, construction, location of system improvement, private sector and rural area development. We have 200-300 employees. We’ve been privileged to connect with over 200 local companies and our local government for Turnkey Project with nearly 1000 villages.




2001/2002–  We established a small workshop that dealt with fabrication and welding U-channels and other metallic accessories for electrical power transmissions. This was a time when the country did not accept imports yet.


6th August,2004–  Solar Rays Electrical Trading was founded at 52 Parami Rd,(16)Qtr,Hlaing Tsp. We imported high quality electrical appliances for household, offices and also for factories.


13th June,2005–  We finally got to register Myanmar Solar Rays Co.,Ltd as one of the greatest leading Electrical Trading companies to contribute in achieving energy security and support electricity in Myanmar. We were able to support the well-known Electrical companies at that period as well as support the small retail shops.


2007-  Another branch of Solar Rays Electrical Trading  was opened at South Dagon no.276,Bayint Naung Rd, South Dagon Township, Yangon.


2008-  Solar Rays Electrical Engineering Team was put up to offer electrical engineering services.


2012-  Manufacture Distribution Panels and Switchgear panels.


2015–  Myanmar Solar Rays Co,Ltd became the main shareholder of Hero Quality Concrete Co,Ltd which manufacture concrete poles used in electricity transmissions and distributions.


2016- Myanmar Solar Rays Co.Ltd became one of the shareholders of Myanmar Electrical Business.


2019– Myanmar Solar Rays Co., Ltd became the main shareholder of A+ Concrete Pole Factory, which supplies National Electrification Projects in Myanmar.




Our Vision is to contribute in achieving energy security and support electricity consumption in Myanmar. We want to support and connect with the lives of the people we work with.To turn our client’s ideas into solutions that they can be proud of.



Our Mission is to position a successful business organization within electrical industry in Myanmar with trustworthiness and responsibility to the employees, customers and concerned stakeholders”



To establish citizen-owned reputable electrical engineering company in Myanmar Electrical Industry and abreast along international firms.

To supply standardized electrical products and materials with reasonable price for government projects, factories and private organizations and to implement projects with responsibility and accountability. To actively assist and contribute in the Governmental village electrification programs.



  • Ethics
  • Teamwork
  • Standardized
  • Accountability
  • Trustworthy



(1) Solar Rays Electrical Trading (Parami)

  1. South Dagon Branch.
  2. Yangon Industrial Zone,Mingalardon

(2) Solar Rays Electrical Engineering

(3) Solar Rays Singapore Pte. Ltd.